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Default Looking for the star of Bethlehem on Dec 29th?

Consider this, the millenium hasn't yet occured, the year 2000 doesn't occur until January 1 2006, , we are off by 2090 days, although abit confusing, I'll try to explain this hypothesis.
First lets examine our calendars, back when the calendar makers were unsure of the actual date of jesus's birthday, they assigned December 25th, and they made the beginning of the new year 5 days later, and they weren't sure when the new era should start so they were also wrong on year one , but with the ability of computers we can be fairly sure that there was only one occurance in the night skies that could have been considered to be the Star of Bethlehem, the transition of the jupiter saturn convergence, which occured on April 11th 6 BC, now if you calculate the days between April 11th 6 BC too the calendars we follow first year, there is a differance of 2090 days, our calendars are too far in the future, now if we would remedy this error by subtracting the 2090 days and we consider jesus birthday the begginning of our era Jesus would have been born 2000 years ago on Jan 1st.
By the way April 1st used to be considered the date of the new year, and when they changed it to January 1st, there were alot of people who wouldn't accept this new date for the beginning of the year, and they were called April fools, another oddity there are 90 days between these two dates.

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