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Default I Have Just Been Visted By State Authorities!!!!! 5pm Wednesday Oz time.

Imagine my surprise!

About to wipe out a squad of luckless Japanese warriors on a Pacific shore in Medal Of Honour when came the knock at the door.

Expecting my luckless next door neighbour begging for milk imagine my shock!...Two of Western Australia's finest at my door Identifacation badges in hand!

Greg Bothe, Senior Constable, Protection Officer, State Security Unit and Co.

After sending an innocent e-mail to the Water Corporation asking for their policy on Fluoridation of water some time ago, it seems i have my reply!

And so personal! How sweet!

Apparently a whole lotta people have e-mailed as well with some VERY WHACKY 'conspiricy type' e-mails.

Due to water being an essential service it seems the Police must be involved.

The two officers were certainly polite but I really objected to it all.

REAL terrorists do not send e-mails before poisening water supplies.

There good cop bad cop routine needed work also.

For a minute I thought REAL honest to goodness FASCISM was upon me...the gulag...the cold...the humiliation...

A government department sending the coppers around. One for the books. God help us if a real terrorist (mossad as al'quida) take them up on the offer.


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