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Default Re: I Have Just Been Visted By State Authorities!!!!! 5pm Wednesday Oz time.

John, as a coincidence the OFFENDING e-mail was ALL 1984. Totally whacko incoherent stuff about Oceania and Eurasia, totally incoherent.

In fact so WHACKO was it that I suspect one of the Water Corps employees has sent it off in an attempt to discredit the serious e-mails they had recieved.

The police were polite and courtious.

I felt totally violated however. Very pissed off about it.

I made a vain attempt at explaining that the war on terror was a con however I suspect it fell on deaf ears.

Unfortunately the yes men that pass for police are not to big on questioning their masters version of events.

I noted one was ex SAS with his little insignia on.

Lucky they did'nt have a warrent. They may have found my John Denver record collection!
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