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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

Drew_J wrote:
I like Henry Makow, believe the protocols has their origin with the Rothschilds. William Guy Carr in his book Pawns In The Game, makes the same assertion. Some besides making note of the Rothschild-Weishaupt connection say there is a priory of sion connection. That's it's really the protocols of Sion.

[...] I mentioned William Guy Carr's book which mentions this connection and I have found an entire chapter out of William Guy Carr's book Pawns in The Game who claims, like you, the Protocols have their origin in the Rothschilds.
The Protocols may have been written by a member of the Rothschilds (we can't say for sure, in a definite historical manner) but it certainly wasn't conceived of by the Rothschild patriarch in 1773. Carr's Pawns in the Game (on pp. 26-31) says that Rothschild and a group of 12 bankers met in 1773 and the former addressed the gathering. He even sums up the talk in 24 (convenient) protocols that were outlined for the conspirators to follow. Trouble is, this didn't happen. Carr is the only source ever for this meeting, and the startling revelations. He doesn't even provide his readers with a citation as to where he obtained the earth-shatering information. His book is sparse on notes anyway, but you would think that he would provide a fellow-researcher the opportunity to verify his information by including his original source. The whole book is like that. If you don't supply a source for such unfounded statements in a work purporting to be "historical" then we have but 2 conclusions: 1) he's ashamed of the source; or 2) he made it up and hope's that his readership is of the type that doesn't care anyway - because afterall, he knows that what he's saying is what they want to hear anyway.

When pressed on the matter, he said he got the info on the meeting from the documents confiscated after Weishaupt's companion was killed in that famous lightning strike which revealed those purported Illuminati documents in 1785. Complete BS! There was no documents recovered from the dead priest. The only documents we have of the real Illuminati conspiracy occured in 1786 and 1787 when the Bavarian government raided the residences of Zwack and von Bassus. Lots and lots of revealing info there, but the story of the recovered documents from the dead priest didn't happen at all. He died alright (from a lightning strike right next to Weishaupt himself), but no documents were recovered.

Futhermore, Rothschild wasn't an all-powerful nation-breaking banker in 1773. He was a young 29-year-old trader in coins. Sorry but he didn't finance Weishaupt, invent the Illuminati, or any proto-protocol cabal of 13 bankers. Carr is lying, plain and simple. He made the whole thing up.

We know the history of the Bavarian Illuminati through historical, factual documents - in which they incriminate themselves. Adding in the equation of the "Jewish peril" and the all-powerful Rothschild cabal doesn't do anything but muddy the waters. The former is proven, while the later are just fairytales without a shred of evidence to back it up. The 19th century was Rothschild all the way, they had next to no infuence on the 18th century at all.

Don't get me wrong there are links with the Rothschild patriarch and important members of the original Illuminati (as historical documents testify too), but the Order wasn't a Rothschild enterprise (conceived in 1773) and Weishaupt wasn't appointed by anyone but himself (in 1776) - he was the sole founder and absolute dictator.

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