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Default Re: Bush' real agenda is a FWO (Fair World Order), believe it or not!!!

G. W. Bush has no real personal agenda. He has never known what it is like to work for a living or starve. Neither did his father G. W. H. Bush or his mother Barbara Pierce Bush. Nor did his grandfather Prescott Bush. They do not have the experience nor the mind set that comes from the real fear of being destitute that will compel one to learn what this world is really about. Maybe you don't either. The problems of this world can not be solved by the human inhabitants of this world, history or what we know as history proves that. The people who tell Bush what to do are even beyond greed. They want most of all to continue the way the world works for them, no matter what this necessitates. They are no longer rational in relation to the natural planet that we all share. There is the word they hate most share. They do not want to share with their on kind much less the rest of the people of this world. If things continue as now, this planet maybe too exclusive and expensive for your descendants to live on and they may be forced to seek habitation elsewhere. Do not think that such thoughts could not come from the minds of an irrational elite (self proclaimed elite). There are true villains among the people of this earth as is evidenced each day. G. W. Bush's agenda, that he has been instructed to follow, is to secure, continue, and promote the world system of the elite by what ever methods required. He is helping prepare a more controllable habitat for this elite where his kind of people will be protected and free to enjoy the fruits of others. This is not and will not be a place where my kind of people will be allowed to be. If this is what you want for this once beautiful world, then be filled with joy for you are well on your way to having it. That is, if they will account you as among the ones who should have it.
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