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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

It is apparent that in this piece:
Daddy's Little Princess

It obviously alludes to the father being the victims abuser and murderer in this case. Which is a hideous crime I might add.

However, to suggest that there is a link between Freemasonry and this case via the nature of this document is, thin to say the least. It's not even referring to the same article.

"Maybe this is too much dot-connecting for some. After all, there should be some sort of bizarre, astronomically unlikely event with huge hidden occult/Masonic messages to signify that, yes, indeed, the New World Order is here, and Denver is where it is being run at. A clue that would repeatedly use important occult numbers such as 3 (for trinity), 7 (for perfection), and 13 (for bad luck.)"

It's not connected - hang on - connected - 9 letters, minus two, that's seven. Oh no, severn letters.

It's bullshit, oh no - IT'S BULLSHIT that's eleven letters, it get's worse 9/11

It's conspiracy! OH SHIT! - that's 13 letters!!!!!

I'd better stop typing. before I inadevertantly create the "CLUBCONSPIRACY" forum code, which has all the names and addresses of all the corrupt politicians in the US - via a subtle code.

Grow up.

You people would see the face of The Christ in a cheese toastie wouldn't you?
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