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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

Drew_J wrote:
Although I had reservations about Mayer Amschel writing the protocols I had thought it was at least possible. Mayer did say in his will that if his sons interbred to maintain the wealth, NOT A HOUSE IN THE WORLD WOULD COMPETE WITH THEM. Look at that. He has worldly, global thoughts and ambitions; coin collector or not. Although, I do have that infamous quote of him in my signature.

I thus thought surely someone with this mindset is at least capable of authoring something like the protocols. So at the bare minimum, I could only suspect Mayer wrote them on circumstantial evidence, or hearsay.

Clearly he understood the ramifications of the power over a nation's money. But so did his sons.
interesting that he would reveal his method as per

your signature ... can anyone explain why it was

revealed ?

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