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Default Religion in this Forum ?

One of the basics of real Christianity is that you can't force belief in anyone. There are two interpretations on this issue: Calvinism, which says that God chooses who will believe, and Arminianism, which says that men has the free will to choose to believe. In either current, no man can force anyone to be a christian !

Christians are supposed to bring the good news of the sacrifice of Christ for our sins. (Gospel=good news). It is up to you to accept that or not.

Anyway, Christians believe that all men were made in the image of God and deserve respect and consideration as human beings. Jesus told His followers to LOVE their enemies.

That's it. Very simple, indeed.

I guess in this forum we should be able to expose our thoughts with respect. It is impossible for a Christian not to mention religion in the discussion of world domination because our religion has an explanation for End Times. Anyway, I can't force this explanation on anyone.

However, there are facts that are obvious for anyone. NWO, fascism, secret societies. These should be subjects of discussion in the forum regardless of religion.

All the best for all.
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