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Default Re: Fake Apollo Landing Sites

But...but...there is proof that America went to the moon. I saw it on the TV special about if America went to the moon or not. At the end the show they interviewed this guy and he proved it by pointing out the mirror that America sent a guy to place on the moon so that lasers could be reflected back. I mean it was on TV so it must be true and it's not like some unmanned craft could put a mirror on there - that's not possible - a person in a stay-puffed marshmellow man suite would have to do it.

Ok enough joking around I want to ask some questions about this moon mirror because I don't really know much about it. How does the mirror work and how do people know where to shine the laser at? Can a laser reflect/shine off the ground without a mirror? When I point a laser pointer out my window I can see where it hits meaning that some of the energy is reflected back into my eyes, with a larger laser is the same true for the moon? I know that radio waves can be bounced off the moon, amateur radio operators do it all the time. Radio waves and lasers are not the same but are somewhat similar.

I've looked over many moon-hoax and moon-fact sites and it's hard for me to sort out the real stuff from the BS, what are some red herrings to watch out for?

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