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Default Re: Fake Apollo Landing Sites

David wrote:
Thanks for posting the information, funny thing is that I have that moon movie around here someplace on my computer. I wasn't sure what to make of it, is it a good movie or fabricated information?

I went to goverment schools and have trouble thinking on my own without a guiding hand.

I have the 'Astronauts Gone Wild' video too, that one is kind of funny. The ex-nauts say different things when asked about certain basic things - like they are making it up and are not all on the same page.

Wax him!

I'm going with it's hoax.

Is it me or does most everything seem like some kind of scam or hoax?
the fact that the Bilderberg meetings have not

made national news proves POSITIVE that the media

is controlled completely since it proves that

can BLACK OUT anything counter to their plans ...

remember this when you watch the news ...

" the news IS the commercial "
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