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In both the Bible and the Quran, God rejects this type of brotherhood. He rejected it because this group withholds the knowledge from the people. God wants the knowledge to be shared with all of mankind, not a select group of people. One way he rejects this type of brotherhood is through Jesus himself. No one amongth the Jewish hierarchy or any secret society could claim to have given Jesus the knowledge. The same as Muhammed, he was not thought of by his people as one who held great knowledge amongs his people before recieving the word of God. Both of them represent the sincere human being that wants the best for all mankind. That is why God selected them for their mission. He goes among the common man who is living a life based on morality, who is sincere and loves for his fellow man what he loves for himself. This is the type of human being that God selects for the mission to lead mankind to human excellence.
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