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Default Re: America's Trojan Horse

Yes, there is an attempt to built it. All those who are involved in trying to build it will lose both in this life and the next. My previous comment was to shed light on the fact of how fanatical Christians are being used by their Jewish "friends" to rebuild the Temple at the downfall of America. There are some well known fanatical Christians that are leading the charge who proclaim to be great Americans. Either they are Satanic or completely ignorant to make the statements that they are great Americans. I've seen some on television who make the case that helping to build the temple will speed up the return of Jesus. So they are completely ignorant to believe this. The Jews view of the return of Jesus is the complete dominance of Isreal over all other countries. This is a great victory to them. The ignorant fanatical Christians believe that an old white man with long flowing hair will decend out of the sky. The true return of Christ is to connect man with the inherent human excellence that God wants for all of mankind.
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