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Default Re: Are we Pavlovian?

Okay, Sue Ford is in bad odour with some in the circuit. I have to admit that her book reads like it was co-authored by Pat Robertson and Larry Flynt; and with no warning for adult content.

Here's another trigger or cue in the media: the movie, "True Lies", with Arnold schwartzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. During the bathroom scene at the Georgetown Mall, Harry Tasker (Arnold's character) is at the urinal with the CCD on the counter. As the terrorist walks in with a pistol, you can clearly hear the TAP CODE thus "Tap tap . . . . . . tap", while he is walking toward Harry at the urinal. Then, the tap code is used again, with the last tap coinciding perfectly with the shot from the gun. I believe that this particular tap code is for alert, danger, anxiety, or some similar response. This kind of tapping as a cue or trigger is also used in gang stalking scenarios as well. In my case, the stalkers use this sequence: "Lose your mind (pause) "tap" [a pain code is used here immediately after the tap]. I have this sequence on high quality digital audio in .WAV format if anyone is interested in hearing it.
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