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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

What happened to your avatar yahesha?

Thanks for that link freeman, I never bothered reading much about benets case. Guilty of apathy here. Stories like that just disgust me beyond belief. Other than that I liked the way it tied in different organizations and people together.

The speculations about the murals at the Denver airport fascinate me. It has been said that mind control programs are being done in underground bases at various airports and cities. The mural at the Denver airport is supposed to 'trigger' those who have been programmed.

A rectagon is a picture uniting numerous rectangular principles of photo optic representation. If one gazes at it long enough they will involuntarily be placed into an alpha state. The point is to open the person to a programming of a level one order. Magnetic factors play into the factor when one stares at the real picture instead of a photo copy.
How long the alpha state lasts is indefinite
Here are some sites with pictures.

Would love to hear opinions and comments about the mural from members. I have never been nor ever hope to see the mural for myself.
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