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Default The Race Is STILL On...

"...and here comes truebeliever, getting closer in the turn for the long straight AND HE GOES OUTSIDE OF JOHN, WANTING TO OVERTAKE - does he have TIME before he needs to push down HARD on the brakes - THEY'RE ALMOST SIDE BY SIDE NOW AND OHMYGAWD! BEAUTIFUL OVERTAKING! He's passed john JUST before the turn! John better watch out because Draken's got that mean lean hungry look and closing in a liiiittle too fast for comfort...

truebeliever 110
john 102
Draken 83

Meanwhile, marypopinz is absolutely cruising, business as usual, not even hinting at a mistake letting the rest close in...VERY professional..."

Born_To_Die 218
Ahmad 235
madkhao 236
freeman 325
sablefish 351
nohope187 457
marypopinz 615

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