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Default Re: What We Believe As White Racists

Again you seem to misunderstand my point of view. The post was meant to bring out whites like you who look for validation from the mainstream to state their views. I respect whites who want to live for self determination like other races. The difference is that white history shows that whites cannot live in peace separate in a land of their own without attacking other races. So I think that is why most people attack the idea. Also, the white racists that I named in the post are looking for more than just white self-determination. They want to annilate all nonwhites in the process. It would seem unintelligent for whites to move towards a white only movement at this date in time. It seems that you do not learn from history. Most of your wise leaders understand that they are segregated from blacks by wealth and this is what counts to them. They used the plight of blacks to strenghten whites. It was a deep psychology that they used and it worked, but they were working against the plan of God. So now it is judgement day.
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