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Default Re: What We Believe As White Racists


Believing all whites are inherently evil based on the actions of the illuminati, or the british crown, or hitler, or some kind of satanically possessed government, is as childish as believing all Jews are the 'demon seed' based on names like Rothschild, or the Bolshevik revolution, or that all blacks are thugs based on the gangster rap music they produce.

I think you fail to recognize that imperialism is not emboddied or monopolized by whites. Southern Africa used to be inhabited by the congoid african races (pygmies), but they were almost completely genocided by the negroid races, and to this day, are even hunted for sport. Hell, look at daily genocides committed in Africa with black african tribes on either side. Muslim arabs invaded Europe three times. North African and Arab slave traders often made expeditions into Europe and went as far as the British Isles to collect their booty. The Saudis kidnap sex slaves from Eastern Bloc and Central European countries. And what about the Mongolian Horde?

What you just posted is something reminiscent of a liberal arts course in history, where they tell you that Western Civilization is the woe of the world while literally ignoring/distorting the rest of human history.

Really, your argument is almost like how the Marxists (quite tenuously) argued that capitalism and the private ownership of things, especially property, led to class differences, and so in the interest of equality no one must be allowed to own property. Let's just say that fairness was not their primary concern, and 60 million Russians died in their wake.

The Bible tells us that each and every individual nation will approach God, and that each man will live under his own tree. We are all afforded our own societies and living spaces. The Nimrod type scheme of 'multi-culturalizing' the world into one, or in fact, negating all cultures and races for the sake of 'political correctness' is the exact opposite of this. Not only is it perverted, but what LOGICAL sense does it make?

We all know that the race riots of Paris, Birmingham, Toledo, Aarhus, and Sydney were ENGINEERED AND DELIBERATE. How long will these incidents be tolerated? And for what purpose do you think that the Illuminati is promulgating them?

You say you worry about a white backlash, but is it not glaringly obvious as to why so-called 'neo-nazism' is most prominent in the western countries that recieve the most immigration? People will react with hostility when they feel their existence is threatened. This is a law of nature. Your 'solution' seems to be to negate the existence of their identity (through multi-cultualism) which will never happen. The problem is, it's not even 'your' idea, but the work of our ruling elite.

It was the British that first created an Iraq that was equally divided between the Sunni and Shiite ethnic groups, instead of giving them their own respective countries and they have been warring ever since. Divide and conquer. This is a war measure and you call it peace.

With a globalist engineered racial conflict in America and the other Western countries (Congress gave 4 million dollars to La Raza) and a world wide economic crash on the horizon, how favorably do you think the majority whites will feel when the fecal matter hits the fan and they are led to believe that immigrants took their jobs, caused the terrorism, or are simply 'taking over'?

Constantly tellings whites that they are evil and cannot be allowed self-determination will create hatred and resentment, which is playing exactly into globalist's hands. On the other hand, not clinging to whites in this paternalistic relationship, and tilling the earth under your own strength will produce mutual respect.
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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