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The GOD revealed in the Bible has little to do with the mythical Christian God taught in churches. This holds true of Jesus (Greek name) too. Christianity is maybe 5% Bible and 95% the traditions of man. You can see from this that the Christian God that you call mine is not mine at all. The GOD of the Bible has many facets and the writers of the Bible were aware of this. The most common facets are: GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and The Holy Spirit. These Facets are of the same Divine Being. GOD can hate and GOD can love. GOD can create and GOD can destroy. We the Creation can not fully comprehend the Creator. Biblically, that aspect of GOD that would in future become the Son was the Creator or Grand Architect. All I say is on a simplistic level so that we humans, who choose, can have some understanding of this ongoing process, for creation is not complete in total. Now my GOD gave his most complete name as "I AM THAT I AM" this is GOD and not a God of some man made religion, but the GOD of all that was, is, and ever can be. This is not a God to play games with or tempt, because this GOD IS GOD and will react. To see my point, look around you each and every day of what is left of your life and watch and comprehend.
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