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Default Re: Moon Landing Conspiracy

nomad wrote:
anonymiss wrote:
DrippyBits wrote:
Just my opinion but I believe "fake lunar landings"
and "aliens" are just BS trown out there to discredit real conspiracy theory's.
Write on and Right on Drippy Bits!!!
I believe you're right! However, do you (anyone) believe we have a type of a craft that is similar to that of a UFO craft that might be used by--say: police and other officials to 'watch us from above' as we merrily ride to work, school, whatever. ??????

Again though how come no other government

ever broadcast images of their astronaunts

bouncing on the moon ?

The creative mind wasn't at work maybe??
Or they just tossed a coin and said, "OK, the USA wins, --go ahead and make your fake moon landing videos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like it when you do it that way.
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