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Dimensional Transformation - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Will 2012 Mark A Moment Of "Dimensional Transformation"?

2012: Dimensional Transformation
Good article. I have known of this changes for some time now. I even had a "lucid dream" over 12 years ago, where I was an observer a dark room, in what at the time I could now really understand, but now I am certain it took place in a satellite-spacecraft above the earth. In this room, a small & square 2-door gate opened downwards into a chamber containing the most amazing, powerful, & inspiring white light I have ever seen. It was radiant. After the fact, I could then mentally go to this place myself to access the light. Some time after seeing this, during the dream, I was somehow slowly taken away from it, by an unknown but friendly force, & into the space above & away from the earth. I saw a huge mechanical arm holding this capsule & a voice told me "telepathically", "there are going to be changes coming to your world." Often times, when things go from the "material" & into the "mystical" (, people tend to disagree, to reject the notion. They also take the opportunity to "mocker" the believers, or those who have a sense for it. They also reject it so strongly that they conclude that anyone that believes in such "mysticism" is a dupe, & feeble. They seem to lack the "open mindedness" spoken about here. However, what will happen, will, even if those that can not comprehend, resist. There are those who's eyes can see the "ethereal", & there are those who are "blind" to all possibilities.

There are also many great philosophers, scientists, & seers of our time that gloriously await for such a moment.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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