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New World Order's 100 Year Aniversary :-o :-o :-o

2013: New World Order's 100 Year Aniversary

The New World Order's Celebration
"nomad", no doubt the NWO is getting ready. All of their actions indicate 1 thing, & 1 thing only. There is no more regard for neither the "present" nor our "future generations." Everything is out for grabs - power, nature, the environment & its natural resources, ..., & the very escence of "life" itself. Obviously they "know," something is "up," & they are planning very furiously to, by then, obtain control of "all of the material" world.

1865 - 1913
London bankers led by the Rothschilds used agents such as J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller to gain control of American industry and organize it into cartels.

The bankers rigged the election in order to get Woodrow Wilson elected.

Wilson secretly sided with a cabal of international bankers to form the Federal Reserve.

The Owen-Glass Bill gave mostly foreign-controlled banks (posing as "the Federal Reserve") the right to create currency based on the credit of the United States government and to charge it interest for doing it.

The establishment of the "Federal Reserve Bank."

The "Invisible Government" by the Monetary Power was legalized.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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