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Shannow wrote:
Hottest January 1st ever recorded on eastern seaboard of Oz.

Feels like it too...111F

I love the NWO for their ingeniousness.

Scorching winds fan raging fires

January 2, 2006 - 5:59AM

Bushfires swept across areas of NSW on Sunday destroying homes and property as the state found itself at the mercy of searing heat and strong winds that had already helped fires cut a swathe of destruction in Victoria.

On the hottest New Year's Day recorded in Sydney and the second-hottest January day ever, fires destroyed at least three homes on the Central Coast and five houses at Junee in the state's south west.

In both areas, other homes were damaged, hundreds of people were evacuated, areas were blacked out and frustrated motorists were stranded on closed roads in 40 degree-plus conditions.

They were the worst of more than 40 fires in NSW after Saturday's bushfires at Stawell, in Victoria's west, had destroyed seven houses, damaged other buildings and burned more than 9,000 hectares of state forest and private land.

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