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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

Billard- how about this for a perspective: fallen angel = alien /// breeding = 13 bloodlines.

Here's my two freedom credits (I'm boycotting "cents" LOL!) on David Icke. It seems he is on the leading edge of conspiracy work- he certainly seems "out there" to most so he can be good to use to discredit other work. I saw the six hour video he did that someone here posted-- good stuff and I thought his message was right on: truth and love. I don't think he's got a real agenda against Christians (and I am one), he just presents the information of his research.

But as much of his work is not verifiable by multiple sources it's a difficult sell for others so I will leave it out when discussing matters. Is his cutting edge views bogus? Who knows- all I do know is that I don't know much so I make no judgments on the information.

BTW- who ever said extraterrestrials weren't helping us?
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