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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?

It is not just the government who is sick. We, society, are sick too. We apathetically stand by, wondering what we can do. Get right with the Lord, I say. Do not be a silent witness.

Racism is killing us. Most people hold varying degrees of racism. It is a red flag for ignorance. People need to learn about each other and varying cultures. We need to stop hating and appreciate. Society needs to confront itself before the government uses the racial hatred they are brewing in the media,to create societal unrest (which is happening), as another "good" excuse for Martial Law.

Consciously seek a friend, a person, from another race or religion. It's an invaluable experience and you just may learn something. It would also greatly add to the concept of peace.

We need to believe in peace. Armageddon is for the Hollywood types who live for the drama and sit idly in their seats.

Peace Sable
I think humanity could come up with some brilliant prophesies that can be focused upon, such as a place in time where there is one thousand years peace, for the betterment of the future.

Mary XXX

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