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Default Industrial Revolution

(This post is in response to Akbar's white racist thread)

The Industrial Revolution started in Europe and was a 'mixed blessing'. Many bad ways of life can be blamed upon it and a few good things can be shown that technology has allowed us.

What isn't so obvious is that severe stesses in Europe were behind the need for colonization, technological leaps and re-settlement. Whites are hardly the first to move for greener pastures. Canada's native peoples migrated from China during the last Ice Age for example. Most islands like in the Pacific have waves of immigrants/invaders who then become one people.

I know many immigrants, and they do not begrudge the British for example, because there were many colonizers, and all had different things to offer.

I do not share the view that Aborigines have the right to kill whites in Australia. War is a human condition and all races have participated. What we should look to are those who are against war, like the Amish or Mennonites for example.

It was the invention of money, huge debts, and terrible living conditions that led many 'white' settlers to go to the USA, and Australia etc. The average 'third world' country back then had much better living conditions, food, etc. than white settlers and soldiers knew of.

It seems that indeed dark forces use the convenient conditions of the day to accomplish the most harm, and channel power to them. In the past century whites from Europe were used to do a lot of the grunt work of the NWO. People in third world countries have been impoverished as whites once were, and are now joining whites as unwitting soldiers for the NWO in western countries.

Banking, secrecy,loss of spirituality are all reasons why people everywhere have fallen. The Industrial Revolution born out of extreme hardship now threatens to ecologically ruin us all as well.

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