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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

"Freud came face to face with it, when he abandoned his own seduction theory (his belief that most of the psychological problems his upper-class female patients had were due to molestation by their fathers) when it was viciously attacked, due mainly to the nasty implications of it. But even today, it is at the center of many stories that often grab headlines. Most of the focus in Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's divorce case has been on his romance with Soon-yi Previn, Mia's adopted step-daughter. The korporate media is more often than not silent of the more disturbing charge, that he molested Dylan, their adopted seven-year-old daughter. Whenever such charges are briefly mentioned in korporate pieces, it is quickly added that "the charges are unsubstantiated." What they fail to mention is that Connecticut state authorities, based on the testimony of Dylan and others, have stated that they do believe Woody did molest her, but decided not prosecute anyway, under the excuse of "wanting to spare the children further suffering." Woody's film career has continued without pause. Then there is the case of the Menendez brothers, who, after admitting to murdering their parents, painfully revealed that they were ruthlessly abused and molested by them over the years, and the twin emotions of fear and revenge drove their slayings. Rather than investigating the Menendez claims, they too were viciously demonized for trying to escape the murder charges and accused of making up their abuse."

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