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Default Winifred Wagner...(1894-1980)

Born Winifred Williams in 1894 to an English father and German mother. In 1915 she married Siegfried Wagner, twenty years her senior, and son of composer Richard Wagner. She became entranced with Hitler and his Nazi movement in the early 20's. When Siegfried died in 1930, she became a close friend and staunch supporter of Adolf Hitler when she first met him in 1923. It was rumored that a marriage between Adolf and Winifred was in the offing, but nothing came of it. Such an event would have solicited great support from the German people. The Fuhrer himself entertained such thoughts believing that a union of the names Hitler and Wagner would ensure the adulation of the masses for time immemorial. In fact he once proposed marriage to her but on becoming Chancellor in January 1933, he felt there was no need now for him to marry. He felt himself "married" to his adopted country, Deutschland. A frequent visitor to her home, the "Villa Winifred", where her 3 children knew him by the nickname "Wolf", Hitler was often seen with her at various performances during the "Bayreuth Festival", the last time in the late summer of 1940 when they attended a performance of "Gotterdammerung". Winifred Wagner died in Uberlingen on March 5, 1980.

Note: Winifred died unrepentant of her relatioship with Hitler.

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