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Default Re: Winifred Wagner...(1894-1980)

Ah, to think back about that fabulous era when women had figures that looked like Coke bottles... of course I'm talking about how feminine beauty was perceived in the fifties. An individual that is an archetype of this representation is Mamie Van Doren, so often compared as a cheap Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield imitation. But guess what? Mamie is still around, pursuing her 50-year mission as an ageless sex-symbol!

She was born Joan Olander on February 6, 1933 (or is it 1931?) in Rowena, South Dakota. She lived for some years with her grandparents, to the moment when her dad found suitable employment in Sioux City. Young Joan was impressed by the big city, as she was then more accustomed to pass the time on the farm, running around the chickens.

She's alive and dosen't know a thing about Hitler, sorta like you.
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