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Even worse, the foundation for a universal reversion to Talmudic law has already been initiated. George Bush Sr. and the Congress have already acknowledged Noahide Law as part of a phony "Education Day" ceremony in 1991. A powerful, secretive organization known as the Chabad Lubavitch has been responsible for this campaign -- and they have even cozied up to Vladmir Putin.

Noahide Laws and Decapitation for Confessing Jesus is Lord

The Jewish Encyclopedia envisages a Noahide regime as a possible world order immediately preceding the universal reign of the Talmud.

It has to be understood that we are not dealing with the Noah of the Bible when the religion of Judaism refers to "Noahide law," but the Noahide law as understood and interpreted by the absolute system of falsification that constitutes the Talmud.

Under the Talmud's counterfeit Noahide Laws, the worship of Jesus is forbidden under penalty of death, since such worship of Christ is condemned by Judaism as idolatry. Meanwhile various forms of incest are permitted under the Talmudic understanding of the Noahide code. (Enziklopediya Talmudit, note 1, pp. 351-352).

And WHO Supports This?

George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States
of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah

(End quote)

President Putin Awards Chabad Rabbi Gold Medal

President Putin Awards Chabad Rabbi Gold Medal In celebration of S. Petersburg’s 300th birthday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin issued a gold medal award to the city’s Chief Rabbi and Chabad-Lubavitch representative, Mendel Pewzner. At a public ceremony last week Petersburg’s Mayor, Mr. Alexander Dmitreivitz presented Rabbi Pewzner with the award on behalf of President Putin. The Mayor explained that Mr. Putin issued this medal to Petersburg’s chief rabbi on this occasion, in recognition of the rabbi’s activities for the benefit of Petersburg’s Jewish community. Lubavitch World Headquarters 07 Oct 03
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