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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

Yes, that was a revealing quote from the article, Mary.
Yet as far as proving anything conclusive about the Ramsey case, certainly there is no smoking gun, which is why I qualified the link before I provided it. Still, something seems to have put Yeoshua's third eye on full alert, so perhaps I should read it again.
Even without the Konformist input, I think that there are few who would disagree that the fate of Jonbenet Ramsey reeks of pedophilia, incest and sexual indoctrination from a very young age.
And the Ramseys have some very nasty, interwoven connections with some very evil people at the highest levels of society. Add to that the numerous occult connections to the greater Denver (and Colorado) area -- including some of the Columbine disclosures -- and a real Satanic outline begins to emerge.
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