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Default Re: Short thread list at site intro

:-? :roll: Sat: What are you suggesting? Are you accusing me of this?.
I would like to repeat that cc is already a complete joke and a medium of NSA and CIA spooks whom are probly monitoring my and your keystrokes with some kind of keylogger plus software like Neo trace to get our Ip addresses.

I have no intention of being too much of smart ass against the system here on cc because i dont wish to incriminate myself I am not as stupid as ragheads and others that seem to sign in evidence there own guilt and intentions!.

For example ask yourself where TB has disappeared to.That guy had months worth of material to incriminate himself with unfounded accusations and so froth against the WA government and Masons i maybe a liitle stupid and immature but no that stupid!.However if trying save the decent qualities of anglo celtic society in Australia get me hauled off before the local courts i will be proud to do so!.
Like i said my only intention here now is entertainment value and I intend to have fun so just try and stop me. :-? :-P :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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