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Default Institute for Advanced Sub-Human Studies...An Invitation for RedRat.

666 illuminati drive
star chamber, NV 84342
Building C (area 51)

Institute for Advanced SubHuman Studies
An invitation for Redrat

Dear sir, it,thing, We here at the Institute invite you to let us create the new you, the human being you've alwaya wanted to be.
Our Motto here is: dignity for the Sub-Human World.

Let me introduce you to the staff here at the institute. My name is Dr. 482XH, I'm the founder and president of IASHS, I'm in charge of the animal/human behavior sciences division, I look forward to seeing you RR. Let me introduce you to the rest of the staff here.

Dr.Q427H, Hi, RR I'm a body and facial reconstruction specialist, I'll be transforming you to a more acceptable human appearance. I look forward to this rewarding and challenging scientific challenge.

Dr. X44P5, Hello there RR, I'm the resident doctor of veterinary medicine here, you'll feel right at home here RR, we have a 100 acre grazing field for Goat/human hybrids like yourself, we also have a great GAS CHAMBER, ooops I mean a Oxygen chamber, 1 hour in there and you'll feel like a newborn goat.

RN. Kathy B. Hello RR, I look forward to seeing you in person here, I took the liberty to borrow my uncle's pet goat "SHEEVA" I'm sure you will get along fine with her.

NSA Operative. Morley. How's it going there FISHBRAINS, I'm the poster RR11 remember me. It took a few months to lure you out of your Kennel, I simply followed Dr.482XH's script and the lemming that you are followed neatly. But no hard feelings, We are here to help you now.

Dr. 482XH: Well RR let me sort of give you a overview of the facility here, We primarily work with human/animal hybrids like yourself, I'm quite fascinated by human/animal behavioral psychology, this sort of science is in its infancy (sort of like your brains). Ther is great promise for humanity with research subjects like yourself. Our funding is primarily private, 85% from the CARLYLE GROUP, and the rest from the American Sheeple (taxpayers). through the Depatment of Defense.

Mr. Morley who is a division 3 NSA "employee" first learned of your mutant condition 3 years ago, By my directive he/we finally have all your psychological profile complete now, I'll publish this shortly, we have extensive photos of you using Light Spectrum (Blue TuT) technology, that BlueTuT Avatar you see on RR11's posts is really a digital camera, everytime it "speaks" it takes photos, But let me say to the CC ranters that they have nothing to fear, all photos not used are immediately disposed of, except for the "Police State" and "Civil Liberties" ranter, and the "Starchild" KOOK, those need further "REVIEW".

Now RR we need you to sign the waiver and questionaire at the bottom here, please sign and return as soon as possible, answer truthfully. Again let me say Welcome Aboard, and Good Luck.
Sincerly Dr.482XH

RR Questionaire
1. Are your meds/rabies vaccinations up to date?
2.Is the Black Goat your mother or father? Or is it transgendered? and if so did it conceive you?
3.have you ever had hoof and mouth disease?
4.When was your last GIG with the Ringling Bros Circus? We have info that shows you were a (draft dodger traitor) who fled to Canada in 1965.
5.Do you prefer Dog food,alfalfa,hay, or sorghum for chewing?
6.(GOD FORBID!) do you have any offspring?
7.what size adult diapers do you wear? we have info from your neighbors that you always toss your soiled diapers in the alley with no regard for people's sense of security. you also stink the hood up.
8.would you prefer to be transformed into a man or woman? choices for man include.
A. Michael Jackson (alien hybrid)
B. Carrot Top (lousy comedian) either choice includes a job on the Vegas strip.
Choices for woman include.
A. Joan Rivers (another lousy comedian)
B. Britney Spears (pop diva) either choice includes work on the Vegas Strip. Included with the female package is size double D boobs.
9. we understand the underlying message of your Posts is that you wish you were back on the farm is this true?
10.we calculate your age at 142, using available DNA and other data, is this true?

please respond to invitation and questionaire within 30 days and accept, or you will be forcibly brought here, Per NSA Directive#33045H per Executive Order#105768 signed by GWB himself.

waiver/disclaimer: I____________ hereby abrogate all my constitutional rights, for the betterment of humanity.

note: IASHS approved websites
Ebaums world. com

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