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Default Re: Population Control?

To attack all nonwhites and Muslims is actually what the NWO want you to do. That is why I referred to you as a NWO operative. It seems that you are operating from their playbook.
Akbar surely you are joking! The NWO wants a multicoloured melting pot with false tacky harmony as standard!
The US is not anti Islam as you may think they are simply anti any state which stands in the way of their hegemony of the globe! They get on very well with King Fard and the Saudis especially the Bush family they also get on well with,Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebannon,Jordan and Pakistan all Muslim nations, to claim the US which is the NWO is anti Muslim is simply not correct!.
Dont you realise the Saddam Hussein was secular arab leader not a Muslim fundie, so how is attacking iraq being overtly anti muslim, as so many one the left like to claim!.And speaking of operatives for the NWO your in a fine position to talk with the biggest operative agent provocaturs of violence and terror in the world there is with your al queda!. Akbar i think you are fundie yourself arent you because you sound more and more like one with each twisted post!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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