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Default Re: Islam and the Son of God

Is the trinity a new concept that came with Christianity or was it a concept already known by pagans? Does the Bible state that the greatest sin in God's eyes is to associate anything with him? Did the Bible also call David a son of god? Does it also call us all children of god? So rationally we should be able to see it as a title of endearment. God is the spiritual father of us all. We disrespect our own intelligence when we state that God who created everything came to earth and had a child with a "Jewish" woman against her will. Then we further retard ourselves by saying this person died for all our sins, when we see sins getting worst everyday. When you believe Jesus as the son of god then you join those who tried to crucify him. To crucify him means to stop his mission. That is what the party of the Jews have done. Jesus brought them the truth and they rejected him because they wanted him to deliver them to control the world. He refused because he was a true servant of God. So they decided to crucify his mission by substituting it with their own. Their plan has worked so far. They are riding a pale horse to conquer the world.
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