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Default Re: Population Control?

When the U.S. and other Western countries drop bombs on Muslims countries they are not dropping them on the leaders you mentioned. They are dropping them on the population. The relationships that the U.S, have with the leaders you mentioned do not have anything to do with Islam.
They do because the leaders or dictators are all Muslims and in the case of Iran the leaders have been Muslim fundies.They are also if not elected by the people, led to power on popular uprisings or Revolutions like the Iranian one in 1979.
So I dont understand your argument that Muslim people in these countries are somehow blameless and not responsible for their leaders and their regimes!.The leaders like King Fard in saudi arabia are billionaires loaded with asests yet they do nothing to help their people or fellow Muslim nations because they greedy corrupt and selfish yet they all claim to be Muslims. Note that countries like Lebannon Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Jordan etc.. do nothing to help the Palestinians or Iraq, Iran or any poorer Muslim nations why, because they are plain greedy and selfish just like any secular human beings give them little money and western lifestyles and the teachings of allah go out the backdoor!.Your claims are full of holes akbar!. :-?

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