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Default Re: Islam and the Son of God

Akbar wrote:
The enemy of humanity? History shows that white Christians like you are the enemy of humanity. Lets see a small percentage of your acts:
Crusades, holocaust, transatlantic slave trade, colonization, WWI, WWII, wiping out most of the native populations in lands that you have conquered, economic exploitation that continues to cause all the poverty around the world, support of all world dictators that enslave native populations. Now your final act is to try to destroy Islam, but Satan will never win against Islam.

The crusades where justified because the muslim took what was not theirs. The holocaust if indeed exited was done by the iluminati., In The transatlantic slave trade both jews and muslims had a great slice of the pie. The jew merchants purchased the slaves from muslim middlemen who had purchased these poor souls from rival black african tribesmen.

The colonization was spearheaded by iluminti cmercial companies. Islam will destroy itself in fact its doing it at this very minute. Islam is part satan lie and so is much of christian churchanity.
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