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Default Michael A. Hoffman II

The bad thing is that the people who have been hoping Putin would go against the Neocons in America (like Jo Vialls for example) are wrong: Chabad-Lubavitch here, Chabad-Lubavitch there.

Professor Israel Shahak's analysis in "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" (see the book list, under History - online)

Talking about the Jewish issue; has any of you read anything of Michael A. Hoffman II? I've seen a lecture of his on video, "Catholicism, Judaism and the Middle East", and read a book, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". Both very informative. He is a very methodical, logical writer. Sometimes he seems a little too fanatical Christian in my eyes - saying for example that Muslims are wrong but he respects them as worthy foes - but everything he says he can back up with solid evidence and logic.

Here's his website:
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