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Default URGENT: Final opportunity to protect the Supreme Court


Bush is now completely and certifiably out of control. But to remove the last restraint on the
creation of a new American dictatorship they must install one more lock down vote on the Supreme Court, in the person of Sam Alito.

Despite Alito's extreme right wing voting record and lifelong ideological agenda, nobody expected him to show up at his hearing sporting a tail and horns wearing a red suit. But what he have seen is an nominee who appears incapable of telling the truth about what really stands for, who has not so much testified as allowed his advocates to testify for him. Indeed, Senator Graham, one of the judiciary committee panel members was personally involved in coaching Alito how to evade their questions, while they themselves emphasize how much they believe he will overturn every progressive precedent of the last 100 years. About that they are not kidding. And only your voices speaking out now can turn the tide against this judicial coup.


We are planning a two-stage action. First with the action page above we will build a consensus that ANY replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor must be no worse than a true moderate and centrist. Then after the conclusion of the hearings we will speak out AGAIN on specific question of the final vote in the Senate. Please submit every possible action page you can get your hands on, and keep speaking out until we prevail, just as we did on ANWR and the torture prohibition.

But remember that Alito was the author of the tactic of Bush trying to spin acts of Congress with so-called "signing statements" in hopes that some future Supreme Court (including now guess who) would give them weight over the will of the people. And Bush did just that with the anti-torture bill, declaring that he really didn't consider himself bound at all. Every day from now on must be STOP Alito day, otherwise our democracy is doomed.


Even if you have submitted something else recently, please go to the page above and take a moment to submit it. This battle must be won, there must be a filibuster, or all else will be ultimately lost. We must all speak out now to save our privacy, our freedom, and our democracy itself.

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