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Default Re: URGENT: Final opportunity to protect the Supreme Court


It won't survive, the American people will not let it survive. They want Bush period.

"Bush is now completely and certifiably out of control. But to remove the last restraint on the
creation of a new American dictatorship they must install one more lock down vote on the Supreme Court, in the person of Sam Alito."

I was aware of Bush's problems before he was appointed President the 1st time. For those who do not understand, the game is over. I fully believe we will now proceed to war with Iran and Syria. You can't have it both ways. If you sway the American people by saying the rich in this country need a tax break and they believe you, what else can be said for the intelligence of the American people. You really think the course that is set will turn around, not me. I have begun to prepare, I suggest you do the same.
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