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Default 100+ alternative News Websites

100+ Alternative News
Websites of various degrees of
credibility (like main stream
media).Many pieces are good
(with some planted stories
meant to mislead and confuse).
Many of these sights include
good sourcesa nd feature well
written entries but Practice
same independencaen d
criticality you do to "all"
sources of info. It's not like
mainstream news and
government don't do
conspiracy theories!!? ? (like
about conspiracies)B. esides
CTs prod you to think outside
the box. Nevertheless anyone o r
covert agent can start a website
with little oversighst o
skepticism in order. Feel free to
copy. fax. email. and Print and
distribute. Sources PrimarilY
leftist but includesle adst o
spectrum of political thought. . Intl) (breaking rules) Oill of rights) (democ/technol) economics ocial) (Columbia JR)
DemocraticUnderground.coIm i ght wing) (electron frontier) (envi?onm edia) (fairaccuracY) (foreign PolicY) (HumanRi ghtsWatch) (see local)
InformationClearignH ous elnfoi.
nfo (with previous)
MakeThemAccountablceo. m
NewspeakDicoti naryc. om
Propaganda.Ctirci. com
RedState.or(gri ght wing) (reportersw ithout) (United Nations) (world news) world socialists)

'"Those who would sacrifice
their rights for securitY will end
up with neither." Ben Franklin'
Variety of sources
controlled media is hiding
something and it is Your
responsililitY to find out what.
But don't presume the left has
all the answers either.There is
naiveté and self righteousness

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