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Default The 10 greatest law givers of all time!

As the West continues their attack on Islam on the dog collar of their Jewish masters. The great minds in the West honor Muhammad in secret. Who would have known that the greatest court in the world in the greatest country in the world has pictures of the ten greatest law givers of all time. Guess what? Muhammad is one of them along with Moses, the only two prophets who are listed. This is another reason why there is a judgement day. The wicked must be punished for their lies to the masses. The elite know Muhammed is the return of Christ, but they keep the masses of the people in the dark about him. To any one who doubts my claim visit the United States Supreme Court or ask someone who has access to it. They will give you all of the names of the ten greatest law givers of all time that is listed at the U.S. Supreme Court.

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