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Default Re: Losing the plot...

Anyone who is aware of this sort of thing and has the spiritual strength to come to terms with it enough to actively discuss and try and couneract it finds the new passion to be a lonely one.

I think that discussion groups like this play a theraputic role for those who are a little more aware than the majority, im sure all of you have attempted to discuss what you belive to be the most important issue in the world with relatives and friends only to be meet with incrudulity.

If it is true that people will soon be hunted down and inturned by by Orwellian elements, it is highly likely people like us will be the first.
In any case that wont really matter those who belive something is worth fighting for always will and I dont think crackdowns by anyforce achive anything other than garnering support and publicity for the opressed.
The game boundarys have changed but the way its played has been the same since time began and the less fear involved the better.

We all here know something isnt right and sense a great deal of missory soon at hand and thats why we are here, I belive we should be carefull as I feel certain elements are using groups such as this and others to sow disinformation and discord among the more thoughtfull in order to divide and you can see this on this board from time to time, however I think all is good, if we are argueing out issues at least theres some level of awareness developeing and its healthy not to accept anything at face value.

Id rather be having a hard time here than being a faceless member of the ignorant masses.
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