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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US

diamond and yeo,

just observing this here

I understand some of you may feel put off or under seige here, you know this has not been a place infused with warm feelings towards masons, but why the critical words?

'matchbox', i don't know..

speaking as one who is 'outside the matrix", and no I didn't see the film, my Husband did..he was saying that's pretty much what we are..

I have to wonder why the vexed moments..

do you feel you have 'more' to share from your perspective on these things? by all means share. but i don't think that should be a thing to exclude truths in what others say or have to say..

look at it this way-
to my understanding (and I am not an expert on masons), freemasonry is mutually exclusive with Christianity..

now you may know some fine and upstanding men that are in at it various levels, but as a Christian who is not in it, with Christian loved ones who also are not, I'd suggest doing a little study on why this is not perse a most Godly choose, despite your well respected friends..

Heres why, and as I am limited on time right now, let me name a few-

Jesus did not swear
Jesus was and is God-so occultic activities were not a thing that He was about-but against-

One can find a great deal of information just from some of the links and sharings on here.

As for Jung, secular psychology blended with and sifted from occult minsets: synchronicity, certain dream studies, Enneagram, and astrology are really just things that have partial truths and this can be atractive to men as the mystery they find in that hidden ie occult.

But The fact remains, that even 'good men" need God and that true God alone being Jesus Christ.

Jesus does not want His children experimenting in the occult, no matter how much fun or 'power' they feel they have in it. One of the reasons is it seeks to empower and guide the participant through activities that bring false temporal and carna; 'power', from below, that is not full Truth (pure truth), and in itself acts as making the "self''god' and one who is, on some level, questioning God-via participation.

beyond this, and more importantly, it is an offense to God and not just by Old Testamant standards, as Jesus came to fullfill the law (the Old Testament) so he wasnt into breaking them.

In the end, all "good men" without Jesus Christ alone for salvation are lost and Satan's by deafult.

These are the folks who are in the nwo ,but knowingly and uknowingly controlle dby him..Do they all knwo this? No..Do they want to? maybe not.

Please dont argue with me on it though, this is the truth of the Bible.

It is the main reason why folks have agripe with God about it because Jesus calls us to One way and the onlyw ay and that seperates us from all the others.

Please read John 3:3 where jesus talks of the new birth.

I am not here to judge you, I too felt it seemed "unfair" as a college girl.

Fair or not, it is God and His will for man.

Someone here said Jesus is THE ultimate divider of light and darkness, illumining the mind sof men, who call on Him alone for salvation. This change removes us from the "matrix", and this is how we see things as we do. And why they hate us with great contempt.

God loves you all. Now don't blame me for this messege..Its just the Truth- SO talke to Him about it and take it up with Him-he loves you All but theres much more.

I do respect all of you and your faiths-just trying to shed some light-


Lynn PS sorry for typos cant edit on my way ouutttttttt :O)

To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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