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Default Re: The Bible's low opinion of women

Iím not taking sides here, but tell me this; did Jesus have a low opinion on women? And did Jesus write the bible? No and no, so the Bibles low opinion on women is really just the peopleís opinion.

A woman in my opinion is far more vital than a man, because a man has only material superiority. Women are so important in fact, that part of the reason why our world is so messed up is because of the oppression and mutilation of the female element. Even male/female equality is essentially wrong, as men and women are cut out for different roles. These roles are quite basic, but as we saw in the past, these basic roles were superimposed, so that the scale was unbalanced (housewives, breadwinners etc).

The Yin Yang symbol shows the importance of male/female balance. The two parts make us one.
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