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Default Re: Alien Nation? Really?

Draken wrote:
OK 55132.

But please, convince me that all the other issues of Reptilian aliens planning an Alien Invasion and turning us into microchipped spiritual slaves for all eternity that one can find at sites such as are feasable possibilities.

It's a little hard to swallow.

I give little credence to that reptilian thing but who knows I might be proven wrong. The UFO stuff inmo is related to the NWO either by human or demon technology.

The bible says that that the NWO will not be sucssesfull so being a slave for eternity is not in the books. Yes they will try but they will succumb to the Lord Jesus.

Revelations states that the coming world leader will betray the jews and that most of the world will turn against him once they see what he is.

The final blow will be when the remaing jews clamor for Jesus then the the Lord Jesus steps on the temple mountain and the greatest earthquake that has ever been takes place, Then all heaven would be let loose on the beast and the antichrist.

His armies will be destroyed and they will be captured and placed under guard by the Lord Jesus.

Read the complete story of the future in the book of Revelation.

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