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Default What would Jesus do?

No matter how much the Christian zealots or Zionist attack Islam and the prophet Muhammad. I will never insult or dishonor Jesus because he is also my prophet. Jesus was a peace maker and the light of the world. The attacks on Islam and prophet Muhammad are not to bring peace. So the Christians who do this are either ignorant of Jesus who they claim to follow or they blindly follow the Zionist. The plan of the NWO is to make war between Christianity and Islam, with the end result being total enslavement of humanity. Muslims owe a lot to Christians. It was a Syrian Christian that told Muhammad that he was the prophet that was spoken about in the Gospel. When the new Muslim community was on the verge of being wiped out by pagans, it was a Christian king that gave refuged to the community. The holy Quran states that the close friend to the Muslim is the Christian. The holy Quran also states that sincere Christians will make it to heaven and that Allah hears their prayers by what ever names they call him because the heart cannot lie. I constantly hear Christians talk about a peaceful Jesus, but rarely see them act in a peaceful manner. I guess that is why most of them state that faith only gets you into heaven no matter how unGodly you act. But as one of the Christian zealots like to say, actions speak louder than words. So as we enter the final hour as the NWO solidify it's battle plans against Islam and rally up it's Christian soldiers to lead them to victory. The question is what would Jesus do?

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