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Default Re: What would Jesus do?

Yes Akbar this shows that you have not lost sight of the true purpose of religion. Most people follow religion either because they have a fear of death and the unknown, or they are confused about the purpose of their existence. Thatís why most Christians, Muslims contradict their own religion by doing things that they are instructed not to do. They use religion only when it suits them. Religion is a tool for evil, and it is used to create animosity amongst us.

Akbar wrote:
The question is what would Jesus do?
This is a question I have been asking myself for quite some time, but I realize now that Jesus was not sent here to do the same task as we must, and so I think that we must take a slightly different approach. If Jesus were here now, he would let the people of Satan hack at each other until they are no more. The people of God will walk from the ashes unharmed, as they had never submitted to the fate that the Devil had offered.
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