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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US


First of all, I'm not an active Mason, and I've not even been to a Masonic lodge for more than a year. So I've seen enough "outside the freemason world", and Masons do not care whether I'm actively involved or not. They also do not care whether I stick around or leave the fraternity. They respect my freewill, which is why I respect them too.

Secondly, just in case you're wondering, I'm not a Christian and will never become one in my life. You can give me thousands of quotes/preachings from your Bible on why I might be "damned" or "thrown into hellfire", but all this means nothing to me. I do not wish to be a part of any cult engaged in brainwashing people into accepting their mental construct, which is often referred to as "truth"; and then using fear-based manipulation to make them stay inside the cult. So, please keep your Bible to yourself.... Preaching your mental constructs to me will only be a waste of your time.

Lastly, Freemasonry is only a fraternity and does not expect any person to follow any particular religion, except that the members are required to believe in a Supreme power. The focus is on development of character and spiritual qualities, which provide fulfillment in every human's life. I also do not have any problem with anyone choosing to follow the Christian (or Islamic) faith, it's their freewill after all. But don't expect me to ever buy into those beliefs. I love my freedom of mind and I admire the free thinkers still remaining in this planet!
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