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Default Re: Mahdi the islamic antichrist

Jesus Christ!

Man im assuming the dickhead that wrote that was an American for their the only people I know of so institutionally blind.

Religious idiots worldwide beliving in 2000 year old fairytails are in the main responsible for all the missory in the world.
About a hundred different arseholes all with vested interests changed the bloody thing/s to suit themselves in the 2000 years since the bloke/s originally said it all.

The abomination of Israel, its creation justified by jews (most of who are from the caucuses anyway) that claim the authors of their rascist idiotic farytail lived there thousands of years ago so the people that live there now (and always have) can get fucked and die in prison camps?
Christ no wonder the entire world is so pissed off with Israel, Jews, America and all its mostly moronic inhabitants!

The clown needs to open his eyes, common sense is what is required and people/nations held acountable for their actions especially America and Israel and the sooner they stop beliving all this religious bullshit the better and maybe we all might get to survive for a while.

Its starting to look like a lot more people in the world are praying for this antichrist to come and BBQ Israel and maybe America in the process.
It seems America (because of Israel) may have forever lost its moral high ground, the greatest assett it ever had, America is no longer seen as a bastion of freedom and therefore no longer admired and untouchable anymore.
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