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Default The hidden symbolism in the Bible

The early leaders of Christianity felt that they needed to hide their true belief with some of the pagan beliefs that were popular in Rome at that time. Why? Christians were being fed to lions. They also felt that Christian leaders in the future would bring the truth to light. If they came back to earth today. They would be shocked that the Christian leadership continues to hold on to those teachings, which were only designed to continue until Christianity was no longer perscuted in the land. They would think with all this modern technology, how could Christians continue to have a baby understanding of religion. Most of the light in the Bible is hidden by symbolism. Yes, you have your basics that is easy to understand, but there is also a hidden message in the Bible as well. All of the stories of the prophets are completely symbolic. Those with intelligence know that Noah's ark is symbolic. Actually, a symbolic understanding of the Bible would join both Science and religion together with no more fighting between the two. Creation points to the fact that there is a great intelligence behind creation and religion calls that great intelligence God. When you begin to discover the great beauty behind the symbolism in the Bible, it would make your faith much more stronger and evolve you closer to the Christ within.

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